Radana Lencova

My activities include graphic design as well as visual experiments combining light, typography and dance. I graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where I studied in Professor Jan Solpera's studio of calligraphy and typography (1994-2000). One of my long-term projects, currently open and under continuous development, is "Transforming Garbage – Transforming the Soul", a project carried out as light installations, stained-glass pendants, mosaics, lanterns and other objects made predominantely from plastic waste. From 2002 to 2005 I worked with the topic of „Calligraphy Today – Handwriting“ as the focus of my PhD study at AAAD in Prague. The work resulted in a number of independent works, such as a new lettertype, „Comenia Script“, or a book, „Interviews on Handwriting“. I have received a number of scholarships (Granada 1998/99, Egon Shiele Art Center Cesky Krumlov 2000, 2001; Bern 2002/03). In addition to producing non-commissioned work I cooperate primarily with Svet Publishers. I am currently living and working in Prague.  


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