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Frantisek Drtikol "Spiritual Journey" (published by Svet Publishers, Prague 2004)

"Strangers Are Not Strange Here" (published by Louny City Library, 2004)


"On Thistle Blossoms" texts from the history of class 4A, Grammar School (published by Louny City Library, 2003)


Anna Chejnovska "Camellia Sinensis (Tea Plant)" (published by Ambient, Prague 2002)

Frantisek Drtikol "Eyes Wide Open" (published by Svet Publishers, Prague 2002)

Suzanne Renaud "Romarin" (published by Romarin, France, 2002)

Bohuslav Reynek "Piety in a Boat" exhibition catalogue (published by PNP in Prague, 2002)


Ivo Markvart "Children in a Landscape of Colours" (published by Louny City Library, 2001)

Mila Tomasova "A Lucid World" (published as 7 numbered copies, Svet, Prague 2001)

Frantisek Drtikol "Journals and Letters 1914–1918" (published by Svet Publishers, Prague 2001)


Jack London "Love of Life" (published by AAAD Prague 2000)


Josef Kaplicky "Records" (published by KLP - Koniasch Latin Press, Prague 1998)

"My Face in Thy Hair to Hide" from letters by Konstantin Biebl to Marie (published by Louny City Library, 1998)

"Dronte of Sour Mouth and Vermouth" texts and drawings from the history of 4A class, Grammar School (published by Louny City Library, 1998)


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